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We’ve spoken of the Global Pandemic and the enormous changes it has caused to our lives. Major supply chain issues, employee shortages and many other factors are creating uncertainty and huge challenges for the 2022 Marine year.

Our 2022 Syracuse Winter Boat Show has been officially cancelled as well as most of the shows nationwide due to lack of product and inventory shortages. Consumer demand for the 2022 models has continued to be incredibly strong all winter and as of today Owasco Marine only has 7 new unsold boats in stock with remaining available orders approaching 80% spoken for. There is no doubt that sales of new boats WILL continue to outpace boat manufacturers build capacity, so the 2022 model year allocations from all of our builders WILL NOT keep up with demand. Our 2022 Bennington’s, Four Winn’s, Wellcrafts’ and Crestliner’s WILL SELL OUT, customer orders not placed soon (again we are already 80% sold out) may not be able to be delivered until late summer or worse.

If you want a new boat for the summer of 2022 and you don’t order one soon you will likely find yourself standing on the shore watching your friends and neighbors enjoying their new boat. Give us a call (315-258-9096) and we will do our best to help you find the right boat for you and your family to enjoy this summer.

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