New Boats

New Boats at Owasco Marine

At Owasco Marine, we carry only the finest, top of the line new boat franchises – Bennington, Crestliner, Four Winns and now our newest addition Wellcraft.

Bennington Pontoons


Bennington, what more do I have to say. Do your homework and you will find that when it comes to quality, design and performance EVERYONE agrees, it’s Bennington pontoons and then all the rest. Bennington is the #1 selling pontoon brand in the country outselling the #2 and #3 brands combined. When you experience one, it won’t take you long to understand why the choice is clearly … Bennington.



Crestliner has long been known throughout the aluminum fishing boat industry as the quality leader. The Crestliner motto – “Forged by Strength, Defined by Durability” is all we need to say. We proudly stock Crestliner’s from 16′ to 22′ in length and in a variety of configurations and engine sizes. From “hard core” fishing models to “family friendly” layouts Crestliner has what you need for a great day on the water.

Four Winns Boats


Four Winns slogan “Life Should be a Beautiful Ride” couldn’t describe these boats better . Known as one it’s the of the highest quality manufacturer’s in the country, it’s their quality, design and value that makes Four Winns the quality leader that they are. We couldn’t be more proud to have them as our open bow & deck boat line. Come in and see one and let our pride show.

Wellcraft Boats


Wellcraft’s Center Console’s motto is “A Superior Craft Designed for Everyone” and the certainly live up their words. Wellcraft’s have always been considered one of THE brands to own and have become the rage not only in the “salt” but now freshwater. When Wellcraft became available locally we jumped at the opportunity to be their Central New York dealer. Crafted for family comfort, equipped for serious fishing, the Wellcraft Fisherman series will handle anything you can throw at it.


It’s not news to most of our customers that demand for new boats has been incredibly strong since Covid hit in 2020. As of today Owasco Marine does still have a few 2022 Crestliner’s remaining in stock but sorry, the Bennington’s, Four Winn’s and Wellcrafts are all gone. The good news however is that while there is no doubt that sales of new 2023 boats WILL once again outpace boat manufacturers build capacity, we have managed to get a reasonable supply in stock from all of my manufacturers. Our 2023 new boat allocations are generous enough so custom orders are being accepted and delivery time are good. Our 2023 Bennington’s, Four Winn’s, Wellcrafts’ and Crestliner’s WILL SELL OUT and all orders placed now will receive PRICING PROTECTION and have PREFERED BUILD DATES.

If you want a new boat for the summer of 2023 and you don’t order one soon you will likely find yourself standing on the shore watching your friends and neighbors enjoying their new boat. Give us a call (315-258-9096) and we will do our best to help you find the right boat for you and your family to enjoy this summer.

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2023 Four Winns H1 Outboard Bowrider

  • TypeBowrider
  • Length20
  • ColorPhantom Gray/White
  • MSRP$74,895.00
  • Sale Price$69,890.00

2023 Four Winns H1 Bowrider

  • TypeBowrider
  • Length20
  • ColorWhite/Liquid Blue
  • MSRP$72,020.00
  • Sale Price$68,218.00

2023 Four Winns H2 Horizon Open Bow

  • TypeBowrider
  • Length22
  • ColorWhite/Cognac
  • MSRP$106,380.00
  • Sale Price$79,900.00

2023 Four Winns H2 Horizon Open Bow

  • TypeBowrider
  • Length22
  • ColorWhite/Jet Black
  • MSRP$105,680.00
  • Sale Price$89,137.00

2023 Four Winns H2 Elevate Open Bow

  • TypeBowrider
  • Length22
  • ColorJet Black/Crimson Red
  • MSRP$133,855.00
  • Sale Price$112,248.00

2023 Four Winns H4 Horizon Open Bow

  • TypeBowrider
  • Length24
  • ColorWhite/Classic Navy, Crimson Red Stripe
  • MSRP$133,140.00
  • Sale Price$109,293.00

2023 Four Winns H4 Elevate Open Bow

  • TypeBowrider
  • Length22
  • ColorPhantom Grey//Steel Grey/Jet Black
  • MSRP$158,005.00
  • Sale Price$131,686.00

2023 Four Winns HD3 Deck Boat

  • TypeDeck Boat
  • Length23
  • ColorWhite/Navy/Cognac
  • MSRP$122,955.00
  • Sale Price$100,764.00

2023 Four Winns HD3C OB Deck Boat

  • TypeDeck Boat
  • Length22
  • ColorWhite/Jet Black
  • MSRP$122,410
  • Sale Price$101,450

2023 Four Winns HD5 IO Deck Boat

  • TypeDeck Boat
  • Length24
  • ColorWhite/Jet Black
  • MSRP$140,530
  • Sale Price$114,931

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